Dear all,
we're working on a msDescription catalogue, where we'd like for
msItemStruc's to be given @class, where the values are to one or several
text classes.
But it turns out that things like <msItemStruct class="#nrss_type_sermon
#nrss_author_ecclesial"> are invalid because of the @class value.
Looking at :
class		identifies the text types or classifications applicable to
this item
Status 		Optional
Datatype 	data.code
Values 		One or more codes, each of which is used as the identifier
for a text classification element supplied in the TEI Header textClass
Example	<msItemStruct n="2" defective="false" class="biblComm">

which seems to have two problems:
- it says "text types" and "One or more codes", but the datatype is
data.code (so, not repeatable)
- the example gives the @class without the #, which is dangerously
misleading - for a while there we thought, well, data.code for some reason
does not use #, so we here happily writing @class="nrss_type_sermon
nrss_author_ecclesial", which does validate, but is probably nonsense.
So, would this be an error or two in the Guidelines? 

And a related question: we actually thought to link the @class values to a
taxonomy, but reading the definition, I see that it is meant only for
linking to textClass. 
defines it 
<textClass> (text classification) groups information which describes the
nature or topic of a text in terms of a standard classification scheme,
thesaurus, etc.
I would then imagine that each text gets only one textClass; in which case,
how could you have more than one value for @class, and what is the point of
having @class anyway, given that all msDesc belong to the same <TEI>? (well,
except for the borderline case where you would have a teiCorpus of

Any illumination would be much appreciated!

Tomaž Erjavec,
Dept. of Knowledge Technologies, Jožef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana