On 23 Aug 2011, at 22:03, Wendell Piez wrote:

> It's just that others, I hear, want
> some confidence, on finding a TEI document in the wild, that they can
> drop it into a TEI system and get decent results.

It all comes down to the meaning of "in the wild", I suppose. If you pick
a random document from my filestore whose name ends in .xml,
and which starts <TEI, then yes, all bets are off. If you click on the
"download 80%TEI version" on my website, or visit,
then it's up to me to make sure that what I expose is interchangeable. I
may also make available, of course.

But we agree (golly, is that the first time?) on this.

What bothers me about interchanging mixed namespace TEI XML
is the tacit assumption if I meet <XXX xmlns=""><ZZZ>x</ZZZ><YYY>y</YYY>z</XXX>
I can follow a reliable  procedure to ignore your markup which I don't grok.
But what _is_ the algorithm there?
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