On 24 Aug 2011, at 16:26, Martin Holmes wrote:

>>  What if the TEI now devoted its energies and financial resources to
>> sponsoring community open source tool building efforts.
> I would really welcome this. It's remarkably difficult to get 
> institutional support for generic tool-building these days; everything 
> has to be tied to a specific project, or a specific grant, with no 
> prospect of realistic broader application and no hope of continued 
> development and support.

I would observe that there _is_ loads of tool development
for doing stuff with TEI. Good work from, eg, Textgrid people,
and the things around publishing in France.

But remember that this is chicken and egg stuff. We came into this discussion
with the observation that TEIC has badly falling income. Yes, it would
be great if it "sponsored" open source tools, but there is no serious
cash in the kitty to _pay_ people to work on them. So we'd still
be expecting institutions to pay the programmer salary.

If Mr Mellon or Mr Google would grant the TEI $100k a year
to commission small-scale tool development, I think we'd
find ways to spend that wisely. But  "if only I had
a rich uncle"  cuts no ice. There is money out there,
but it needs commitment and hard graft to get it.
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