On 24 Aug 2011, at 17:17, Doug Reside wrote:

> What I'm proposing is an open source development effort on
> mutually beneficial tools.  Many projects/scholars need a page
> turner/XML editor/variorum-edition-viewer but most develop these
> independently.  What if the TEI used what limited funds and political
> capital it has to organize and direct development efforts where the
> only payment is that you're building something you need anyway.

No disagreement  at all, and I suspect the vast majority
of the Professional Posters on here[1] would be much
in favour. It doesn't need the TEI*C*, though, it needs the
TEI community, here, now to get involved.  We all know
how hard it is to make the DH horse to drink from the open source
water we make available. You and I both have open source
projects which do TEI stuff, all up and running, but I bet your
user engagement is quite low, like mine.

[1] hey, joke, ok? I'm talking about my own endless kibbitzing[2]

[2] ace word, didn't know what i meant before this week[3]

[3] I often wonder how to do footnotes on footnotes. Terry Pratchett
seems to manage it.
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