On 11-08-25 02:03 AM, Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
> To partly answer my own question
>> more importantly, can you (or anyone) start with examples of tei_all
>> texts which are unuseable in practice without the To80% stage?
>> practically, which elements or modules (collections of elements) are
>> candidates for moving to the non-80% setup?
> I am reminded that quite a few elements in the TEI are known to
> be syntactic sugar or specialization. So<persName>   ==<name type="persName">
> for example. Although my heart sinks at the work involved, we could/should formally
> record these links, and then generating the programme which resolves them
> is trivial. similarly<div1>  ==<div type="div1">

What about <div1 type="chapter">? Do @type values get concatenated with 
intervening spaces, or does the existing @type value trump the "div1" value?

> more generally, it's a truism that "with<div>,<ab>  and<seg>  I can mark up anything",
> but reducing the whole TEI set to those three seems to go too far...

I think that would clearly be too far -- I see no reason to exclude 
<head>, <p> and many others.


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