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[...] Once upon a time we
might have supposed an HTML 'dl' would be assigned (and only assigned)
to definition lists, and blockquote to block quotes. But that moment was
fairly short; finally a dl is what a dl does, and likewise for
blockquotes and the rest. HTML, notwithstanding efforts to get it to do
more, is rather like SVG or XSL-FO, a tag set more or less meaningless
outside its own application domain. [...]

Isn't it usual in human activities to use all menas for whatever purposes? And in writing or printing jobs, I think, this is even more likely to happen than otherwhere. F.e. take a look at our national hero Goethe and his strange (mis?)use of the typographical conventions to exponate speakers in a dramatic text. Preparing a garden scene at the beginning of "Faust II", a maskerade scene, after a series of figures or groups of figures mentioned as "Gärtnerinnen", "Olivenzweig mit Früchten", "Ährenkranz (golden)" etc., suddenly he exposes the next group of verses via the headline "Ausforderung"*, and the 7th verse of this group is split to introduce a new group of masks, the "Rosenknospen", natural plants as opposed to artificial ones ("Phantasiekranz", "Phantasiestrauß").
Goehte's Werke. Vollständige Ausgabe letzter Hand. Bd. 41, p 26. This is the first posthum print of "Faust II", but it conforms to a prior printing of the scene controlled by the author himself.

It's quite simple to transmit the intended 'Rätsel' to the reader via HTML, but I guess that's challenging to disentangle the 'semantics' of the headlines here, isn't it?

BTW, the TEI book longed for should contain a chapter "Dirty Tricks", not least to honor Donald Knuth and his deep insights in the muddle of typesetting.


* In mss. occurs "Ausfoderung" too. - The mss. situation for this "Ausforderung"/"Rosenknospen" verses is rich because they were vendored in isolation fpr humanitarian purposes in the years after the anti-Napoleon war. And in the archive of the printing house there is remained the ms. for the first print in the beginning of the 1820s - the situation equals to the print of 1832 shown above via the link to GoogleBooks. Eventually the Genetic Faust Working Group can show the ms. situation on the TEI Wiki?