Hi all,


I apologise for this question which is a bit off topic, but maybe someone on the list can enlighten me.


I have recently been playing around with the XML functions of Excel. I have been extracting TEI elements from a large corpus and loaded that into an Excel spreadsheet for editing and sorting in a tabular format and then processing it further. The Excel file contains about half a million <name> elements with their attributes.


However, when I try to save the edited file as XML data (NOT XML spreadsheet) only the first 24,528 rows are saved. There is no indication that there is something wrong with some of the rows, as the number of rows in the saved file stays the same however I sort the data.


An Excel spreadsheet can contain up to 1,048,576 rows, and I assume that there is no different upper limit for XML data (at least I found nothing about this in the Excel Help). When I import the XML data, Excel certainly reads in all the rows.


The people in my university's computing service have no idea why this is happening and the only thing they have been able to suggest is to break the data file down in smaller chuncks because with smaller files the problem does not seem happen.


Is this a known bug/feature in Excel? Is there a way around it?






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