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An individual membership drive will have to await the TEI having some tangible benefits to members.

I chose to join the TEI as a subscriber (I think this is what Patrick means by "individual membership" as opposed to institutional membership) as soon as the option became available. I get a discount on the conference registration, which is a bit of a benefit, but I really did it because I wanted to show my dedication to the TEI in as tangible way as I could, since I no longer have as much time as I have in the past to work on the technical aspects of the TEI. So for me, it hasn't really been about the benefit. I do wish, given the recent events on the board, that I could have a vote, as a subscriber. Perhaps giving subscribers the right to vote for council and board would encourage more people to subscribe. It would make me feel like I have more of a say in the direction of the Consortium.


For example, I mentioned encoding a Twain book (or pick your favorite) online, where only TEI members can debate encodings. Public can watch but not comment. I don't know of a quicker way to get people to join. ;-)

There are web interfaces that would support such an effort, which would be a better use of TEI funds than sponsoring travel.

For the 18 months of transition under John's leadership, I think we need to pick 2 or 3 - the TEI because - sort of marketing themes and flog them for all they are worth. At the end of that period I hope that we have direct elections of the Board and Council by individual members of the TEI.

The greater visibility of the TEI should be more than enough reason for institutional members to become sponsors, with their logos on the TEI website as sponsors. But sponsors need individual members to vote in elections.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


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