Seen during the last LREC conference:
- Katarzyna Głowińska, Adam Przepiórkowski. (2010). The Design of Syntactic Annotation Levels in the National Corpus of Polish. In: LREC 2010 proceedings. (
We are also working at devising a proper serialization for SynAF out of the old Tiger format, which I would definitely see as a good candidate for an additional component in the TEI tagset: cf.
Any feedback on this is welcome.

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Dear all,

because I had the chance to see how treebank could be useful thanks to Perseus projects works and publication, I am looking for some project who are using TEI to build treebank to share their experience and discover their pubblications.

Many thanks,

Marion Lamé
Università di Bologna, Dipartimento di Storia Antica, +39 051 209 8387
Université de Provence (Aix-Marseille 1).
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Laurent Romary
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