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> Neither. It's just a mess. I often
> make a literal mess, if you get my drift.

Well, either way, it's a funny mess! I'll have to see what it looks like
in one my languages...

> The Devil sat on the crapper and wrote - wrote on the
> crotch of his great-grandmother. "From under this hair came what
> I came from," he wrote above the crotch.

Let's see. In Kerno:

ni sezus il deyavouls le soubucket 't yscreus ys -- da-yscreus-el ys soer
le grochet li seu senamazron. "d' nil log, nim-veni me, ieo," hos-cest yscreus ys soer la seu grochet.


upon sat the devil the gazunder and wrote he -- he upon
the crotch (of.)the his old-mother. "from under-the place, under.I-came
I, I," *that*-this wrote he upon the her crotch.

Only had to find a word for "crotch" -- nom. il croches / obl. le crochet.


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