Hello all,

Every year on (or around) my conlang's birthday, I send out an email into
the abyss describing the last year and how it affected my language.

This year is special.  It marks the halfway point in my life-half of my life
has been spent as a conlanger, and half has not.  

Thirteen years ago, I inscribed the sentence "aria zkio algialtha" on a
paper, probably while sitting in 7th grade math class.

I think analyzed this sentence to mean "Algialtha is beautiful".

Three years later, I developed a VSO language called "Angosey", basing its
grammar on this phrase.

Thirteen years later, I've got over 1400 words, a corpus with over 200 pages
(including English commentary and translation), and probably hundreds of
hours spent building a language that does not exist.

Fiat lingua!