On 7 September 2011 14:37, Daniel Bowman wrote:
> But this got me to thinking: what if someone created a conlang specifically
> to be learned by a child of about that age?  I know for example that
> toddlers can be taught ASL, and can actually communicate in it better
> because their motor control is more developed than their ability to produce
> sounds.  However, what about a spoken language?

Any language will suffice. The important thing is to have a large
enough lexicon to cover all the things that one might say to the child
or expect the child to say.
So have a noun for every single item that exists in the child's
environment, and a verb for every activity in the child's life.

It is also important for at least one significant person in the
child's life to speak the language exclusively around the child, and
it helps if the child overhears conversations between other people as
well as utterances directed at the child.

Go to a children's bookstore, buy a dozen of those cardboard-page
baby's books and glue strips of paper with the translated words/phrase
over the existing text.

I plan to start teaching my conlang to my children before they are 5
(oldest turns 3 in November) but it is nowhere near ready right now.

I wonder, has anyone on this list tried teaching their conlang to
their children when they were young? How did it go?

Yuri de Groot