The LCS is launching a new online journal called Fiat Lingua:

A new article will appear on the first of every month. Articles will
be available in .pdf form on publication, and will be free to
download. Articles themselves are self-selected and published with
permission, with the copyright reverting to the author upon
publication. On occasion, when we've received enough material, LCS may
publish an anthology of Fiat Lingua articles in print and electronic
form. Information about such anthologies will be released when

If you'd like to contribute an article to Fiat Lingua, contact us at
[log in to unmask] We're looking to include both formal
academic-style papers and informal contributions (humor, news, tips,
reviews, editorials, interviews, interesting works in progress,
poetry, short fiction, conlang sketches, puzzles, etc.). All
contributions, academic and nonacademic, should be of interest and
value to a readership of people primarily interested in invented
languages. You may include color, but future print anthologies will
likely be in black and white. And, as publication will be online,
authors will also have the opportunity to edit articles after they've
been published. If you have a question about a project you think might
be suitable but you're unsure, feel free to send us an e-mail and we
can discuss it.

The purpose of Fiat Lingua is to provide conlangers with a visible
forum to publish papers related to conlanging or conlangs—especially
subjects or projects which don't lend themselves easily to listserv or
forum posts. As with all our sites, LCS is committed to hosting both and its files permanently.

If you have any questions, e-mail [log in to unmask]

Thank you!

David Peterson
LCS President
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