>Tawp Leechar. Tawp Zihlpaw. Tawp Keht.
>I like Choh better too. A question, in the philosophy of cho.ron, is all
>communication fundamentally creative? 

Yes, but in a somewhat different manner than might originally be thought.
Communication involving persons is always creative, if sometimes on a
subconscious level.

What about a machine-generated
>error message? It communicates something (that your computer is FUBAR),
>but there's no creativity behind it. What about my dog barking at me? It's
>communication but (probably) not creative.

Not that any degree of creativity is always used to communicate (even among
people this gets pushed into the subconscious), but that communication
itself is a creative idea. That we can use common instincts, emotions, and
knowledge to share thoughts is amazing, and in my mind, fundamentally creative.

--Virginia Keys