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Chinese makes the same distinction between knowing facts and knowing people,
etc. with zhi1dao4 知道 meaning "to be aware of" and ren4de 認得 meaning "to
recognize" and 認識 "to know a person."


On Fri, Sep 9, 2011 at 12:09 PM, Daniel Burgener
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> German has the same (as far as I'm aware) distinction as the romance
> languages.  Wissen for knowing a fact and Kennen for knowing a person.
> My main conlang, Brenjak has a three-way distinction.
> "kϕî" - to know through perception/book learning ("I know that France is in
> Europe")
> "kϕar" - to know through experience ("I know my mother", "I know how to
> ski")
> "kîar'(uh)" (the "(uh)" is a character with no unicode equivalent) - to
> understand deeply, boththrough experience, and factual knowledge. ("Michael
> Jordan knows how to play basketball", "My grandpa knows his wife")
> -Daniel