In KlaXa, the words for parent and offspring are derived from the verb
"to beget".

In english we have word sets such as:
employ, employer, employee
pay, payer, payee
interview, interviewer, interviewee

which boils down to:
Verb, verb+er, verb+ee

so in KlaXa, we have:
beget, beget+er = parent, beget+ee = offspring.

KlaXa has an equivalent to "-er" that can be added to any verb.
And if the verb is transitive, it also has an equivalent to "-ee", thus:
teach, teach+er = teacher, teach+ee = student
eat, eat+er, eat+ee = food

The reason I took this approach was to accelerate the coining of new vocab.
It also makes it easy to memorise related words, since the pattern is
totally regular.