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>  My intention behind belief was more of a generic religious descriptor.
> All three have an omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent creator god who
> ultimately wishes well upon the Earth and that his actions and intentions
> are interpreted by wise prophets.
> As opposed to polytheist belief systems, Buddhism, ditheism, Satanism, etc.
> Any further definition (messiah figure, Gehenna vs. Hell, representation,
> ecclesiastical system, etc) I intended to fall within ritual.

In which case I completely reject your classification system as useless.
Ecclesiastical system, perhaps, properly fits in the ritual category, but
belief in Jesus as the Messiah is the defining _belief_ of Christianity.
Hell, heaven, gehenna, paradise, purgatory etc. are not matters of ritual.

Ritual implies behavior -- abstinance from blood, pork, shellfish, cutting
the hair, wearing of specific clothing, gestures, orders of service, praying
five times daily, facing Mecca or Jerusalem, covering or uncovering the
chalice, wine for the layity or only clergy, circling the groom 7
times, covering the head to pray or uncovering it, kneeling, hegira, aliyah,
pilgrimage, sackcloth, ashes, anointing oil, incense, icons, statues or
banning of images.

Statements about who God is or is not, beleifs about God's character and
nature and how He does or does not relate to man, the nature of man, the
soul, the spirit, the existance of angels, demons, the devil, etc do not
belong in a category labeled ritual, and excluding them from a category
labeled belief precludes saying anything meaningful about any religion.