On 26/09/2011 21:05, And Rosta wrote:
> R A Brown, On 26/09/2011 17:50:
>> On 26/09/2011 16:55, Garth Wallace wrote:
>>> On Sun, Sep 25, 2011 at 10:55 AM, And Rosta wrote:

>>>> One would need to specify what counts as "or the
>>>> like". It's pretty plausible that all natlangs are
>>>> parsed by stack, as Fith is, so what is it that
>>>> makes Fith distinctively Fith?
>>> Is it plausible?
>> No, it isn't.
> I acknowledge that this is your considered opinion based
> on decades of interest in language and computers,

Thank you.

In my past two emails I thought I made it clear that I m
finding this protracted discussion on what may or may not be
the linguistic capabilities of a race of fictitious
marsupials with "Von Neumann" type brains somewhat tedious.

I suggested we agree to disagree. On my part, I stick by
that agreement.

I find myself in _100% agreement_ with Logan Kearsley's
reply (26/09/2011 20:15) and with Garth Wallace's reply
(26/09/2011 20:42).  I hand the torch on to these two fellow
conlangers, and bow out.

We old'uns don't have the stamina for marathons  :)

Nid rhy hen neb i ddysgu.
There's none too old to learn.