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> > >What about you? Do you have any favourite
> ("favorite"?) consonant
> > >clusters?
> > My favorite consonant cluster in orthography is
> <mn>. It looks cool at the
> > start of a word.
> >
>     And how do you pronounce it? Because (in the
> languages I use) I mostly
> drop the starting "m" altogether, so "mn" turns in practice
> to "n"
> ("mnemonic" -> "nemonic"). I do the same with "pn", like
> in "pneumonia".

Depends on the language and various other factors. Agree about mnemonic.
In Gaelic it seems that there is a slight schwa between the M and N. Mind
you this comes from years of listening to Portlairge in Gaelic, so there
may be some factors like care of enunciation that one may not hear in
normal conversation. Also, Gaelic is horribly notorious for not quite
matching up spelling and sound. I think the Irish stole all the vowels
and extra aitches from the Croats.

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