On 26 Sep 2011, at 12:10, BPJ wrote:

> On 2011-09-26 10:59, Koppa Dasao wrote:
>> Curmudgeon?
>> An ill-tempered (and frequently old) person full of stubborn ideas or opinions.
> C'mon guys! It's a real person you're talking about here,
> (and not even a politician ;-). Tone it down, please,
> for civilty's sake!

That's kinda what I meant when I said "while you're inserting comments about women you don't like, can you put in "Abi" for "girl who stood me up two years ago"?"

My wit is wasted on you guys ;)

But, hey, seriously though, I just one my way here when I noticed...

Caccigga: "clatosse" = "sadist" from "GLaDOS"

Nauspayr: "vhéfaeyeh" = "bittersweet" from "The Verve" (who sang "Bittersweet Symphony")
          "bletae" = "fox"
          "bleta" = "fleet (of water)" from "The Fleet Foxes"
          "cỳlflỳr" = "vegetable garden" from "cauliflower" (there's a load like this with semantically connected words being mispronounced)
         "ìglesà" = "heathen temple" from the Spanish "iglesia" :-P
          "anyà" = "winter" from "Anya" a particularly cold-hearted... ;) just kidding.

> /bpj (who made 'Wednesday' _meocordí_ in Rhodrese as a deliberate
>      allusion to Melkor. Certainly the Melkor/Mercurius/Woden
>      analogy isn't even very appropriate -- though they are gods
>      of death --, and I'm sure Tolkien wouldn't have approved!)