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Subject: The colour of Elven blood (was: Bianca Magnum)

Indeed.  Some fantasy worlds may have green-blooded elves, but many (of
those that have Elves or elves at all) don't.

And the Elves of Middle-earth almost certainly do not have green blood.
AFAIK, Tolkien never states which colour their blood is, but that probably
means that it is the same colour as human blood.

But what I know for sure is that the blood of my "Elves"
(the speakers of the Albic languages) is as red as that of any other humans.

In my conworld of Sefdaania I have blue-blooded "fairies".  They are not
really fairies.  They are one of the six groups of loquent peoples.  I call
them Hydorans  (accent on the antepenult), Children of Water.  The
Sefdaanian myth of creation says that they were created from water.  There
are several this-world water creatures, such as the horseshoe crab, which
have blue blood.  In creating their anatomy and physiology I thought, "Why

Each of the six loquent peoples has been remembered by humans as mythic or
legendary creatures:
The Children of Air (Ethrans) become wizards, mages, sorcerers, angels, etc.
The Children of Fire (Pyrans) become elves.
The Children of Earth are the humans who still remain.
The Children of Wood (Xylans) become the giants.
The Children of Stone (Lithans) become dwarves.