First of all:

Tsóriêna teirxhmi!

Tsóriêna teirxhmi!

Tsóriêna xhmir Khàtamakh!

Tsóriêna teirxhmi!

(Sung to the “Birthday song”) Good omens to dear thee!  Good omens to dear
thee!  Godo omens to Khàtamakh!  Good omens to dear thee!

And you are most certainly not old.

In the Dreamtime,in the Land of Story, if you were old you might be
addressed, in the vocative case as:

PétsiKhàtamakh “honored, aged Khàtamakh!”  This is the same honorific that
Alice uses in Chapter one when she talks to the hypothetical grandmother she
might meet in the Heresy.

In other cases the prefix Pétsi- turns to petsir-.  So one could say:

Tsóriêna petsir xhmir Khàtamakh!

Good omens to honored, aged Khàtamakh.

Of course, the greatest honorific for a male to receive is “Grandfather.”  The
old Sorcerer is usually called Grandfather Pátifhar (at least by children),
though he has no children of his own.

But I must stress, you are not old.  The current Emperor, Kàrijoi, has
reigned for almost one hundred million years, and the Sorcerer is much older
(though no one can guess quite how old).  There are baby dragons and
phœnixes that we meet who are only a thousand winters of age.  And, of
course, there are even stranger things that seem to defy age and time

Puey McCleary