On 10/11/2011 14:23, Brian wrote:
> With 2012 just around the corner and all the hype about
> the end of the world being rumored

What hype? I've not seen or heard any such hype or, for that
matter, rumor.

Is this a north American thing?  If so, I fervently hope &
trust is stays there and doesn't cross the Pond.  As for me,
I'm looking forward to 2012, 2013, 2014 and so on.  When I
reach 100 I may be content - just maybe    ;)

> In the real world it seems the Armageddon stories
> dictate [some; most?] people's lives:

Some - definitely only some [a few?] ... and _real_

No Armageddon story has even remotely affected my life, nor
the lives of any of the many people I come across everyday.

The closest I ever got to a conworld was the "Western
Hellenic Alternative Time-Line" (WHATL) I once envisaged for
TAKE.  But while I was very interested in when that
time-line split off from our own time-line, how that
time-line would end simply did not concern me.

Nid rhy hen neb i ddysgu.
There's none too old to learn.