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> Yeah, it was really serious. 

Well, it's good to see you back and hear that you're home now!

> I've got just above the minimum of
> necessary kidney function left. And I'm on medication that
> has dropped
> my blood pressure with more than what your's are. I'm just
> lucky I
> didn't have a stroke or a heart attack, both highly
> possible in my
> condition. One can live with less than half a kidney and
> one and a
> half eye, but having one's brain becoming scrambled mush is
> a lot more difficult to live with.
> My blood pressure when I was admitted a week ago was
> 280/235, while

Yeah, that's a touch on the high side! ;)

> just before I wrote this it's dropped to 163/107. If a
> normal person
> had his or her blood pressure dropped by 120, they'd been
> dead...

Well, yeah. A b.p. of zero (or even 10) is pretty bad!

> As for my right eye.., the extreme hypertension has damaged
> it. I'm
> looking at a loss of 20-40% of sight on it. Hopefully some
> of that can
> be compensated by new and better glasses.

How long has your blood pressure been high? (Or do you even know?) Did
they measure your intraocular pressure? Has that been high for a long
time? How about your visual fields?

I doubt that glasses will necessarily help in the long run, especially
if you are heading towards glaucoma. High pressures like that can 
eventually damage the optic nerve. Doubleplus ungood! I'm sure you know 
that glaucoma leads to blindness if left untreated. Glasses only work to 
correct oddities of the lens and its relative distance from the retina. 
They only clarify images; they don't actually fix problems. Best glasses 
in the world won't correct a damaged optic nerve or dead retina. (Though 
there is some promising work on implants, you'd rather save your own if 
you can!)

You might need to consider a more forceful regimen -- medications to
reduce pressure (usually eye drops) or even surgery of some kind (there
are several options from laser treatments to drains).

> Incredible enough, tomorrow I'm going to walk out of here.

You will be in my thoughts and prayers! And for corn sake, make sure your
doctors do their job properly! Make notes on exactly what they say you 
have; educate yourself about treatments and be your own advocate. Research 
options and make sure they follow up accordingly.


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