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>>Another important gift among the Illomi are a plain loaf of white
>>bread... I know that sounds bizarre, but wheat doesn't grow on Illte,
>>so getting hold of a loaf of bread, let alone a whole bread, is often
>>beyond what most Illomi are capable of. Imagine having to pay US$1,000
>>for a pound of bread...
> Well, even so, why do they value it so much?  I'd guess it's not because
> they uniquely relish the taste; bread is pretty bland.

There are historical reasons for their reverence of bread, both from
the source people and from their initial contact with the Zjaunjos. To
the source people unleveled bread and potatoes constituted a major
part of their diet, while the Zjaunjos makes leveled bread. Both the
fact that the Illomi are refugees from a continent where wheat grew
and the fact that the Zjaunjo taught the Illomi how to harvest the
riches of Illte, contributes to the value of bread. The survival of
the Illomi depends on the gift of bread, not just literally but also
in the meaning of food in general.

> But also, one can
> make bread-analogues from all sorts of doughs -- any cereal grain, but even
> starchy roots etc.  If the Illomi even had something lěke bread, I wouldn't
> expect wheat-bread to be so immensely valuable by comparison: cf. (as an
> anecdatum) in the Anglophone world, nothing like injera or pesarattu or corn
> tortillas ever had particular cachet, whereas e.g. oranges made it to the
> status of traditional Christmas gift.

No such substitutes are known to the Illomi. The only source the
Illomi has for bread is whatever the Zjaunjos makes for sale to the

> In our timeline bread is implicated as having had a pretty fundamental role
> in the origin of civilisation, being a food that could support city
> residential densities when little else could.  What Illomi staple filled
> that role?  (Or did they never go for the cities thing?  Or...?)

For the source people, bread and potatoes served to support cities.
For the Illomi, learning to cultivate the continental sea from the
Zjaunjos serves that purpose.
For the Zjaunjos living in Illte, trade supports their communities.

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