Wow.  Thanks to all who have responded on this thread thus far.

Patrick, the pantoum looks quite interesting and might work for my needs

Leland, the sestina is also a possibility for this present need.  And quite

Padraic, thanks for bringin change ringing into the equation.  I believe
that some alien race or other must use this.  But it may be too complex to
work out for my present needs.  However, I did compse a little piece of
nothing but highly Inodnesianesque nonce forms without meaning or grammar
to try out the sound of such a piece and I truly like the result.  I *will*
have to give this a go in some lang or other:

Samu jiwa candu
Niwa hamu pandu
Giwa handu lamu
Dandu miwa namu
Shandu amu tiwa
Camu andu iwa
Samu jiwa tandu

Alex, the cynghanedd groes thing with the consonants could make a very
interesting organizing principal for a poetry.  I'll have to give that some
more thought.

And lastly, Jocordy... Wow.  Just wow.  That is overwhelming.  Bitextual
poetry would be astonishing, but certainly not something I'm upto for a bit
of special effects flash and awe in a larger prose work.  Somehow (even
though the examples are from Sanskrit) I think this sort of poem /text
would be especially suited to a language, or rather a writing system like
Hebrew or Arabic with the triconsonental roots liable to multiple
interpretations given a sufficiently ambiguous context and if the words are
written without breaks, one could design the text to be ambiguous as to the
word divisions as well.  It would still be hard, but perhaps a bit more
doable.  Unfortuantely, that is one language type I haven't experimented
with as yet.

This conversation has already expande my poetic horrizons significantly,
and I hope there are sill a few more surprises in someone's bag of tricks.
Very cool stuff.