On 12/29/11, Logan Kearsley <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> ... of an entirely different sort. My fiancee and I have made some
> excellent progress on our (as yet unnamed) collaborative conlang this

Spiffy!  Congratulations.

Brett Williams, I think, proposed the term "dyadic conlang" for a
collaboration between two people; but we might want another more
specific term for this -- maybe "romantic" would be less ambiguous
than "Romance"? :)  Leaving "amicable conlang", or something derived
from Greek "philia", for other dyadic conlangs.

> For now, a full paradigm includes
> Agent/Focus verb
> where Patient and Focus can also be Experiencer and Stimulus,

That sounds really cool.

> My next favorite part so far is the personal pronoun system, which
> looks like this:

I like the gendered first and second-person pronouns; they seem
appropriate for this kind of language.  One of my sketchlangs had
gendered first- and second-person pronouns, and gender marking on
verbs, plus suppletive verb stems for actions that men and women tend
to do in very different ways; but I didn't get very far with it.  I
feel like I'd need to know more about the culture that speaks a
language like that before I develop it further -- maybe the first
instance of suppletion arose purely due to sound changes, but once
that's established, more suppletion with semantic distinction might
arise by analogy for cultural reasons.  And that means I need to know
more about what this culture thinks about sex differences and gender
roles, to decide whether I need suppletive forms for e.g. "to speak"
or "to work" as well as "to dance" and "to pee".

Jim Henry