Presumably #msad is a common id for advertisements (perhaps on the 
Microsoft website?). There may be a FAQ somewhere that we can check for 
common ids to avoid.

Perhaps the solution is to put in a FR with ABP to see if this code can 
be made more subtle. Alternatively, could TEI (which doesn't serve ads) 
be made a trusted site in ABP? Failing all of that, we should maybe put 
up a FAQ explaining how to set an exception for in ABP 
locally. (Even make this link pop-up with a js test for ABP at this 
point in the GLs?)


On 2012-01-11 17:12, Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
> good gracious. is AdBlock really that simplistic???
> Very slightly wary of changing that "msad", as it forms part of a coherent pattern of naming
> IDs in TEI source.
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