Dear Sebastiaan, dear Gerrit,

your solution sounds intriguing, but according to the P5 Guidelines, 
@hand isn't allowed in <hi>, is it?

Best regards,


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Am 14.12.2011 18:25, schrieb Gerrit Brüning:
> Am 14.12.2011 16:57, schrieb Sebastiaan Verweij:
>> For those mercyes:<hi rend="underline">And then as a well made</hi>, 
>> and a well plac’d picture lookes allwayes vpon him, that lookes vpon 
>> it, Soe shall thy God looke vpon thee, whose<hi rend="underline 
>> hand="#H2">memorye</hi>  is thus Contemplating him, and shine vpon 
>> thine vnderstanding, and rectifye thy will too
>> **
>> H2 will get a<handNote>  in my<handDesc>. Is this clear enough? I 
>> want only to associate the underlining with H2, not the writing itself.
> We treat such cases exactly as you do!
> Gerrit