That the i is superscripted *in relation to* the subscripted b, surely?  I've certainly coded plenty of infralinear additions that themselves contain supralinear additions, even though said supralinear additions are infralinear with respect to the body text.

Catching up with email here and somebody has probably already said this.


On 07/01/2012 00:20, Lou Burnard wrote:
[log in to unmask]" type="cite"> ok, so what does <tei:hi rend="subscript">b,<tei:hi rend="superscript''>i</tei:hi></tei:hi>

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From: Martin Holmes <[log in to unmask]>
Date: 6 Jan 2012 23:30
Subject:Re: are @rend values on <hi> inherited?
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Definitely yes. Unless an intervening tag explicitly undoes the
subscripting, it stays in effect until its tag is closed. Any other
behaviour would be completely unintuitive.


On 12-01-06 01:23 AM, Laurent Romary wrote:
> I would definitely say yes...
> Le 6 janv. 2012 à 10:13, Sebastian Rahtz a écrit :
>> I suspect  I know what people will think, but let me try anyway.
>> Does
>>      <tei:hi rend="subscript">b,<tei:hi rend="italic">i</tei:hi></tei:hi>;
>> mean that the inner "i" is subscripted or not?
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