We have a registrar partnered with each triage nurse. The registrar enters the name and DOB to perform a"quick" registration, which gets the patient into the system. The nurse then documents the triage, which was occurring simultaneously.

Full registration with insurance info, etc. occurs at the bedside afterwards.

Jim Chamberlain
Washington, DC

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Our institution will be converting to an electronic health record this 
fall.  I have some concerns regarding the triage process.  The 
registration process must be completed prior to the RN having access to 
the patient document.  If multiple patients are registered but not yet 
triaged how do you ensure critical patients are not sent to the waiting 
room until their turn to be assessed by the nurse?

I've been told
 by a couple of other institutions that they've resorted to giving the 
registration personnel a list of chief complaints that they are to alert
 the nurse to.  This seems like an absurd work around for getting the 
right patient to the right place at the right time.  Not to mention a 
huge liability for the hospital.

Any comments or suggestions?

Nancy Piotrowski 

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