On 2/19/12, Risto Kupsala <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

>  > peti papa tshau shefe
> Correct! Particle for getting somebody's attention could be "a" (I
> haven't decided it yet), so you would say: "papa a, peti tshau shefe!"

Excellent! I wanted a vocative particle, but I couldn't find one. I
toyed very briefly with

*peti tshau shefe papa

but it sounded wrong, so I went with a pivot construction. It had to
be right, at least technically.

Pandunia seems to fit into a gaping hole between NP and LdP. It's
about as neutral and simple as the first, but also about as obviously
practical as the second. It's almost a pity someone can't hypnotize
Risto to think he's Olivier: he would turn out a hundred pages of text
in a week or so, which would be a good beginning corpus. But he'd also
add conjugations and declensions, which would mess up the whole thing.
("Pandunia: Now with ablaut!")