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>It's 60 here in the Blue Ridge Mountains today and, as I was visiting our
>ins, I was enjoying the winter outdoors.
>The thought occurred to me that you can't say "outdoors" unless your culture
>has doors!  If your conculture is so primitive as not to have doors, how do you
>express the concept of "outdoors" in your conlang?

Never minding primitivity, of course doors are only one of many ways to
lexicalise this, and it's one it doesn't look like I've taken yet.  (All of
the below langs know of doors!)

Pjaukra has _erdau_ 'outdoors' which I explain as a lexicalised subessive of
'sun', and _xramu_ 'indoors' a lexicalised subessive of 'roof'.  The
subessive was productively lost long long ago (maybe it was only ever a

Sabasasaj has verbal prefixes in the same slot as classifiers or
incorporates go: _hjaa-_ 'outdoors', _tu-_ '[in] a house' and by extension
'indoors'.  They are underived.  

In A:jat he-Heloun I've only created 'outdoors' _otsa_, which looks to be
*_ot_ 'wind' (lost as a simplex) plus _-sa_ 'place characterised by N'.