Yesterday, after I had already frittered away my five posts for the day
enjoying the thread on de-regularizing English conjugations, I had an idea
which I am sure simply must have an ANADEW or at least an ACADEW.

What I was thinking about was possession.  In English we can say:

the man's car
or the car of the man

In Chinese it would be

男的車子 (man "of" car) with the "of" working in the opposite direction from
the English word it "translates".

So if a particle like of, showing possession, can work in either direction,
why couldn't a case like Genative have a sort of anti-genative or
reverse-genative counterpart in some language?

the man car's

where the reverse-genative marks the possessed instead of the possessor?

Surely this has alread been done.  Examples?