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>> On Feb 27, 2012, at 2:49 PM, Logan Kearsley wrote:
>>> A bit of background- Celimine has always had demonstratives that
>>> conflate space+time (so you can say "here and now" or "then or there",
>>> but not "now but there").
>> [...]
>>> Now, I've recently started reading a grammar of Halkomelem Salish.
>>> That same article begins with an analysis of Halkomelem, which I
>>> totally skimmed over on the way to the much more interesting (at the
>>> time) bits on Blackfoot. And I feel really silly that I did not notice
>>> earlier that Halkomelem verb phrases work *eerily* similar to the way
>>> I came up with for Celimine, though sufficiently different that I can
>>> be reasonably sure I didn't just accidentally subconsciously copy it.
>> [...]
>> Cool. I had a similar idea, but the "here/now" thing would be used also for first person (undecided whether it would apply to 1st-p subject, agent, patient, possessor, or more than one). But I haven't worked out all the implications of it yet.
> I cannot imagine what any of the implications would be. What does it
> even mean for that to apply specifically to the 1st person?

Well basically I think it would mean "I am eating bread" would be expressed as something like "bread"; there would be various affixes or whatever to indicate that the eater isn't the 1st person, or the time of the eating is in the past or future, etc.

>> What grammar of Halkomelem are you reading?
> Gerdts, 1988. _Object and Absolutive in Halkomelem Salish_. It's a
> PhD. thesis.

Cool; I'll have to check it out.