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> On 4 Mar 2012, at 12:29, Eugene Oh
> wrote:
> > Not if the culture it's designed for writes with a
> broad blade, or carves (eg Latin serif script)
> I should think that the true test of a robust writing system
> is its ability to be written in a number of media, from sand
> to pencils.


Again, you are right *IF* the culture and context of the writing system
warrants. We don't yet know enough about this language or the writing to
make the assumptions you are making.

Just wait and see what this language's discoverer comes up with first!

I have, for example, a writing system for a philosophical language that
you would undoubtedly cast aspersions on as utterly unrobust and possibly
poorly designed -- note taking with ballpoints or pencils is out of the
question; it can't easily be written in a very large number of media all
that well; and in fact it really can not even be used to write in any
language *except* the language for which it was designed.


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