It's been a long, long time since I've posted to the list, which is typical
for me.

This time I'm wondering what lexical and linguistic software is out there.
I'm particularly interested in Mac OS X compatible software, but there
seems to be about nothing at all along those lines.  While I'm not willing
to dual boot/boot camp my mac, that is an option to others.

SIL FieldWorks SE
   Active development, from what I can see, and it uses a newer GUI and
look. When I last gave it a try back when I was still using Windows XP, it
seemed a bit unstable, and a good deal of the interlinear text generation
code seemed lacking. That said, it also came with an integrated semantic
databse which looked quite nice for coming up with areas of a lexicon to
expand.  I've recently tried to see if I could get this working on my mac
using WineSkin, but to no avail.

SIL Toolbox
   Not sure how active the development is on this software, and it is
definitely showing its age. I've always liked it for its ease of use once
you get it up and running, but these days I'd like something a bit more
modern, at least as far as the user interface is concerned. I have this
working to some extent using WineSkin, though there are some glitches
currently that make it not usable.

Tiddly Wiki
   One of the bits of software I used a while back was Tiddly Wiki, however
I feel it is somewhat lacking in the area of lexical databases. It is nice
in that you can easily add wiki entries and journal entries in one place,
but this is not what I'm looking for these days.

   I never really got too deep into Kura, and from what I can see it seems
dead.  Anybody have any info?

   It seems like this might be a continuation or reboot of Kura, but hasn't
been worked on in a year, that I can see.

Currently I'm using a google docs file to save everything, but I'm spoiled
by SIL Toolbox, and would love to get a more useful database with reversal
functionality (English-Conlang in addition to Conlang-English).

Jeff Sheets