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> > Gorgeousity and yum yum yum.  It looks like you
> could write it very effectively and efficiently with a
> calligraphy pen.
> But how legible would it be writing notes with a ballpoint
> or pencil? That is also a consideration in writing system
> design.


Or rather, you're right *IF* the language's context includes school 
lectures, steno pads and ballpoint pens. I don't think we've been told
enough about this language, its culture (if any) or its ultimate purpose
to say whether or not ballpoint pens should even be considered.

It could be that brushes and rice paper in the hands of remote Idtotian
monks, who spend their nights contemplating the wonders of the all
encompassing principle of Gogam, where their scriptoria produce verses
on scrolls and banners of this lovely ivy-script.


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