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> It's time to celebrate! Not only is it my birthday on
> Sunday, but I've done
> something I never thought possible: my Moten dictionary has
> reached 200
> lexical items! That may not seem much, but for someone who
> finds it so
> difficult to create words, it's quite the achievement!

Félicitations! Well, my friend, congratulations on the momentous 
achievement! Anyway, it's never just the quantity, but the quality and 
amount of attention that goes into the words. 5000 words that are spat out 
of a random "word" generator don't quite equate to 5 words well crafted, 
deeply considered and lovingly brought forth.

Though snipped, from the examples, it is extremely clear that Moten is Art 
nicely done!

Bouonne santé!

> Christophe Grandsire-Koevoets.