I am on a roll tonight.

About 6 months ago, I wrote about my intention to incorporate evidentiality
into my conlang Angosey.  Six months later, during a particularly boring
meeting, I got around to it.  There are six classes of evidentiality, and
they are marked as a prefix on the verb.  Since I think the evidentiality
prefix evolved from adverbs, which are always placed before the verb phrase,
I have made evidentiality precede other prefixes such as the gender conjugation.

Here are the classes:

Class 1:  Visual/aural observation

I see a dog.

Class 2:  Other senses (smell, taste), emotive sense, indirect observation

The soup is delicious.

Class 3:  Secondhand knowledge, generally through direct written or spoken

She was at the concert yesterday (she told me so)

Class 4: Thirdhand and above (learned knowledge here)

It will be cold tomorrow (because I looked it up on weather underground)

Class 5:  Common knowledge (hearsay, folk knowledge)

Birds fly south in the winter (I was told this)

Class 6:  Dubious or suspect material

She was at the concert yesterday (or so she says)

Comments?  Criticisms?

Welcome back, Arthaey!