On 2012-03-22 10:20, Christophe Grandsire-Koevoets wrote:
>> Works the same way in Old Albic.  A genitive of an animate noun
>> >  can be marked with a local case to create the equivalent of English
>> >  "at/from/to someone's":
>> >
>> >  Agama Mørdindoson.
>> >  AOR-go-1SG:A Mørdindo-GEN-ALL
>> >  'I went to Mørdindo's (home).'
>> >
>> >
> Interesting. So Old Albic has both Suffixaufnahme and at least one example
> of surdéclinaison. Interesting, I am not aware of a single natlang example
> that features both. Or did Old Georgian also allow such constructions?

In Mærik a genitive can take further cases Suffixaufnahme-style,
and since a genitive can be used pars pro toto for the entire
genitive phrase it would probably be used on its own with added
case endings, so that in the exchange.

"I found a book."
"Alice's or Bob's?"

The genitives in the second and third sentence would take an
accusative ending.  Would that count as surdéclinaison?