On 2012-03-21 02:40, Daniel Hollande wrote:
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It's a fair point. Increased connectivity does appear to have an undesirable by-product of compromising privacy. Some sites, like Facebook, are caught in the media somewhat often for making sensitive information more easily available.

However, information can be hacked from many quarters, not just from social networks. Many of us have to enter our details to use the services of many sites and it's very difficult (but not impossible) to pass through the internet without giving out any personal details.

My own personal view is we can't ever be 100 percent sure that we are safe online, yet it is best to be prudent and cautious. If part of the strategy is not signing up to Facebook, then, fair enough. Otherwise, if a person wishes to be absolutely safe, don't use the net at all.

Daniel Hollande
This is off-topic, so I'll be brief. I signed up with Facebook only for the purpose of looking up someone else. I've done nothing else on Facebook, but ever since I've been bombarded with "friend" requests mostly from people I've never heard of. Not only that, but I get similar messages from Linkedin (which I haven't joined) and most of those are spam.

Geoffrey King