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> > > So far, I have not written actual poetry in
> > > Old Albic, but a prose version of a creation myth is under
> > > construction, and it turned out that writing such texts is a good
> > > way of rounding out a conlang.
> > 
> > I would say not just poetry, but any sort of writing which might have 
> > particular concultural significance, like creation myths, folk stories 
> > and declarations of independence.
> Absolutely!  I found that working on the creation myth
> is much
> more satisfying and helpful in working out the language
> than
> just translating Bible portions or other texts that have
> nothing to do with the conculture.

Right -- though just these can be every bit as satisfying if the Bible is
part of the culture! (Same goes for any text one might translate.)

>  Such original texts give an
> insight
> into the minds of the speakers of the language that
> translations just cannot give.

Yep. This kind of exercise can lead to all kinds of interesting discoveries
about the culture and, naturally, can result in considerable amounts of
newly discovered words.

I should like to see the O.A. story when you get it properly discovered!