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> Just on the political side of things: yes, American Deaf
> culture is a bit insular. 

Indeed. One of my coworkers has taken in a deaf fellow who has moved to the
area in order to take a new job. He has some kind of implant (baha), but
otherwise couldn't hear a sound. He reads lips well and is of the opinion
that deaf people in general are bores and would much rather hang out with
hearing folk.

> So I think it deserves some slack; maybe in a hundred years,
> when
> it'll be dead obvious to everyone that ASL is a language and
> learning
> language early — any language — is good for kids, and

Who knows? In a hundred years, the issue may well be moot. Grow a new ear
in a dish, implant and connect up the appropriate nerves. Or perhaps
perform some genetic surgery in utero, if the problem is caught early
enough...or there's always those dopplegangers every parent of means will 
surely wish to purchase, once they know a baby's on the way. You know the
ones; they live in that high security, access denied sector of Baja
Arizona and are only brought Outside when a citizen is in need of a kidney
or what have you...or an ear.

Even now in the early 21st century, many kinds of deafness can be addressed
that in the WWI era would have caused your doctor to just shake his head
sadly. Can build a new tympanic membrane; can replace the bones of the
middle ear; can implant special hearing aids in the bone around the ear.
Neat stuff.

> (In case you're wondering: one sign I made was for a meditation
> technique I call 'invocation' in English; in ASL I modified one of the
> signs for 'copy' onto the location used for various thinking related
> terms. My Deaf conversant understood immediately, which was nice.)

Cool. But not at all unexpected. After all, it's no different than when
you hear a made-up word, for example in an ad on radio, and even though it
isn't actually an English word, you know what it means, like imagineering
or incentivise or dimensionalise. Corpspeak is full of it. If you know
what a plane is, you would immediately know how to deplane therefrom. Or
what is meant by enplane or even replane.

What this means is you have a highly intuitive reach into ASL -- as you do
with English. Good on yer!

> - Sai