I recently came across the group E Nomine, and while their music works really well for blasting through headphones while running outside.  It's like jogging through Paradise Lost.  Anyway, I was curious about a certain Latin phrase in one of their songs.  I found the Latin text online:

Silva in luminae
Lunae arcana est
Domus mea
Silva in luminae
Stellarum est.

I looked around for English translations but they didn't jive with what I could understand.  I would translate it like this:

The forest is lit up
The moon is [secretive? sacred? arcane?]
My abode.
The forest is illuminated.
[And starry?]

Online I found stuff like this:

The woods are covered
in the light of the moon
My home is the forest
covered by starlight

Granted my knowledge of Latin is based on online dictionaries of questionable quality, my own sense of Romance languages, and general linguistic intuition.

How would someone who actually knows Latin translate this?  For extra credit, how would it sound in your conlang?