Hi All,

Anyone interested in a celebratory bike path train on bike to work day?

If so, meet at the bench on the bike path that is just after you go past
the Vintner Ave. Park in Riverside (this is the park with a basketball
court and a kids play structure).

I'll be there just before 7. The train will leave at 7:05ish.



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> The Bike Path should be open tomorrow (16th) or Thursday (17th).
> I rode from Barrington to campus on Sunday and back along the bike path.
> The path is all re-paved, the bridges, all 3 of them, are paved and
> passable, but they have chain link fence barriers that can be bypassed.
> The blocking is/was because they have not finished the rails that keep
> people from falling off the edge, not a problem if you can hold a line, but
> a liability if someone does fall off.
> I'm sorry to report that they have not done anything to ameliorate the
> afternoon south/southwest wind.
> Friday is ride-to-work day <
>>.  Bike To Work Day 
> 2012
> The Rhode Island Bicycle Coalition is once again proud to host Bike To
> Work Day in Providence RI on May 18, 2012.
> *Location*: World War 1 Memorial Park (South Main and College St.)
> *Time*: 6:45AM to 10:30AM
> More at the URL above.
> Mike
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