On 04/05/2012 00:55, And Rosta wrote:
> R A Brown, On 02/05/2012 21:59:
>> Presumably _andative_ and _ventive_ are Hispano-Latin
>> hybrids; if they have gained currency then why not the
>> Franco-Latin hybrid _chezative_ ?
> At least _andative_ and _venitive_ are consistent with
> Latin phonology and orthography. _Chezative_ is
> consistent with neither --

Not entirely true.  Certainly _ch_ and _z_ are not found in
native Latin words (_ch_ did creep into the spelling of a
few, e.g _pulcher_ for  earlier _pulcer_) - but they are
found in words borrowed from Greek.

Now there was a Greek χέζω _chézō_ = "I shit".  It's not
exactly a great flight of imagination to think there might
have been a colloquial *chezáre "to shit", which makes the
_chezative_ case not so much ...

> but perhaps that gives it an engaging insouciance

.. but a more earthy and basic need.

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