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> Do you judge that the english phenomenon has to do with the  semantics of
> the first person, which is what your ObCL asks about? Or could it rather
> have to do with the semantics of pregnancy, such that a biologically
> pregnant person's partner counts as socially pregnant?

I have this usage (though I wouldn't describe my family as "fairly
liberal", if that matters), and I think that the "social pregnancy"
explanation is best. I couple that says "we are pregnant" is expressing
their mutual involvement in the pregnancy. I've also heard this usage at
least once from a *homosexual* couple who was having a surrogate pregnancy.

Going all the way to *I am pregnant* strikes me as anomalous, though.

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> > In the last couple years I've seen hetero couples (mainly fairly
> > liberal ones) where the male unreflexively says "we got pregnant" /
> > "we are pregnant".
> >
> > I just learned that at least some men will go the next logical step,
> > and say "I got pregnant" / "I am pregnant":
> >
> >
> > Anyone know how prevalent this is?
> >
> > ObCL: Anyone use some kind of person / pronoun / etc system that
> > permits this kind of first person singular by proxy?
> >
> > - Sai
> >

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