That Hollywood Brit playing a Russian submarine commander is actually Scottish.

And then there's that Spanish Highlander role...

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Subject: Re: Cockney glottal

I think (think) I can differentiate between Sydney and Melbourne accents. And I'm almost certain I speak Spanish with a Catalan-speaking-region accent (heavens knows how).

> Before asking about Badger on the list, I (an American) had no idea what a Cockney accent was, or that it in fact existed.

Wow. Didn't you just classify it as "the English accent which isn't posh?"

> Now, am I right in saying that the character Rose from Dr. Who also has a Cockney accent?


Remember folks, Hollywood Brits aren't just geniuses. Some of them are *evil* geniuses or scoundrels. Others are Russian submarine commanders (go figure - I wonder what it is about British actors that makes Hollywood producers think "hey, that guy would make a great Russian!").

> One of my fellow English teachers tried to teach me a British accent once.
I forget what part of England she was from, but anyway.  I had some
trouble, and so we found ourselves standing in the stairwell repeating
"wanker" back and forth.  All at once we both recognized the absurdity of
our situation.

Was it a Geordie accent, √°-la Cheryl Cole (the one who was fired from America's Got Talent for being incomprehensible)?

Sam Stutter
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"No e na'l cu barri"

On 9 May 2012, at 12:10, Lee wrote:

> Ahh, but there are far more than one Indian accent. Not too long ago at work I had eight different Indian accents to enjoy. Well, OK, seven I enjoyed. The eighth was so heavy I often had a hard time understanding him.
> I forget where our African representative came from, but his accent is most definitely not South African. (Dang it, can't recall where he's from.)
> I should start cataloging workplace accents and places where their owners grew up. Thrilled to add Bosnian-accented English to the mix in a couple weeks!
> Lee
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> Subject: Re: Cockney glottal
> --- On Tue, 5/8/12, Lee <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>> We are so totally forgetting the
>> English accents of every other country on the planet. :P
> Well, not really. Sam's complaint was specific to British English. But the
> situation vis a vis òther Englishes in the US is every bit as bad.
> Some we are more familiar with than others -- Indian and Australian are
> far better known than South African or New Zealander.
> We just have a particular affinity with our peculiar concept of the
> "British accent", and we react to it very differently than we do to, for
> example, Jamaican or Guyanan or any other variety.
> Padraic
>> Lee