I hear "my wife is pregnant'" "she is pregnant," and "we/they are pregnant" all the time from everyone, whether liberal or conservative. But I have noticed the following usages tend to be common, if not the norm:

We are pregnant - married
She is pregnant - unmarried

She is pregnant - married
She got pregnant - unmarried

She is pregnant - planned or wanted
She got pregnant - not planned and not wanted

I've never heard the man say "I am pregnant," except for the incomplete sex-change case who was in the news.

From: Sai
Sent: 5/10/2012 1:44 AM
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Subject: "I am pregnant" & person by proxy

In the last couple years I've seen hetero couples (mainly fairly
liberal ones) where the male unreflexively says "we got pregnant" /
"we are pregnant".

I just learned that at least some men will go the next logical step,
and say "I got pregnant" / "I am pregnant":

Anyone know how prevalent this is?

ObCL: Anyone use some kind of person / pronoun / etc system that
permits this kind of first person singular by proxy?

- Sai